Introducing Tony - Easy Fleet Maintenance.

E3 systems can help you manage your fleet

If you are an Owner, Fleet Manager or Safety person you have probably been asked when the last time a specific maintenance or repair item was done on a specific unit. Chances are you went to your file and searched for it. If you have good records you will probably find it in time, if not you may never find it.

Have you ever been asked if a specific vehicle is safe? Have you been able to verify and validate the answer to your Insurance Company, the D.O.T. or the Police?

Have you ever acquired equipment that was under warranty? If so has the company or dealer ever asked for proof that the proper maintenance or off site repairs have been made?

How confident are you in the information you have (if any) between “Saftey Inspections”?

E3 Logistics Systems has developed a “Cloud Based” application that will provide a historical record of recorded maintenance or repairs on your equipment. For instance, a repair was made to a turbocharger on one of your vehicles out of state and it was warrantied for 90 days. It’s now 21 days later and the turbo fails. The shop that made the original repair can’t find a record of the repair and the driver has lost the receipt. What do you do? If you’re using “Tony” you go to your application and print a copy of the invoice that includes the warranty from anywhere you have an internet connection. We don’t know if the shop will reimburse you but think your lawyer can convince him it might be cheaper than court.

Suppose, your vehicle (or leased vehicle) is involved in a horrific accident where there is a loss of life and or severe property damage. After assistance has been rendered and the mess is cleaned up or made passable, someone or some agency is going to point a finger at the one with the deepest pocket or worst track record. Insurance companies will look for a reason not to pay, the lawyers will lawyer to the max and those that cannot answer all the questions to the satisfaction of all parties will spend even more money. The insurance coverage premium will almost certainly increase if not cancelled entirely. We know that government agencies have cut back on funding, that means less time to consider all the ramifications of an incident.

“Tony” allows you keep a historical record of the maintenance of a vehicle chronologically. It allows you to search by word or item and send it electronically to the person needing the information in a matter of moments from the request anywhere, anytime there is an internet connection, even from your smart phone. Accidents and emergencies don’t take vacations or holidays and if you are responsible for the compliance and or dissemination of pertinent information, you get the call.

Do you think having the information on hand and readily transmittable to any party anywhere there is an internet connection is worth less than a burger and a shake, if you do give us a call at 815-735-7171 or contact us on-line today.

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