About Tony

What does Tony do?

Tony, tracks vehicle maintenance and mileage for companies which use that information for expense and insurance purposes. It works on tablets, laptops and mobile phones. This allows you to use this application on the road or in the shop.

Is Tony Expensive?

No, Tony is reasonably priced. Based on the number of vehicles you have in the system, your actual cost per unit goes down. For more information, contact us via the website, or call an account executive at 815-735-7171.

About Sully 2.0

What does Sully 2.0 do?

E3 Sully 2.0 system can easily create Bills of Lading, Invoices, Packing slips, and purchase orders.

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Does Sully archive information for regulatory compliance?

Yes. E3 Systems' Sully 2.0 system creates an historical record of all transactions.

Does your system accommodate hazardous material?

Yes. E3 Systems' includes all the standard HAZMAT codes from the Department of Transportation. These codes are part of the systems and are included on all appropriate shipping documents.

Can Sully import that information from spreadsheets?

Yes. E3 Systems facilitate bulk uploading of information, as long as it is in a comma-separated format. E3 Systems allows bulk uploads of inventory, addresses, and carrier information.

Is it expensive?

No. Sully is not expensive. E3 Systems believes that software should be easy to use, and reasonably priced. While E3 Systems does not publicly list its pricing online, an account executive can contact you to discuss how Sully can benefit your business and for how much. It's no more expensive than a digital cable television with Internet service.

Contact us for more information.

How secure is Sully?

Our system is secure. Our Sully 2.0 application, and our mobile applications use 128-Bit SSL encryption of E3 Systems web sites. This is the same encryption that the Federal government uses for its secure web sites. Please see this description from Wikipedia for more details.

E3 Systems also encrypts passwords using the Microsoft's membership provider so our own staff cannot read your passwords.

Finally, you and only the people you designate, can view your information. E3 Systems have provisions in place to prevent other customers from viewing your information.

Any other questions?

Do I have to pay for upgrades, or improvements to my software?

No. Since our systems are hosted on the Cloud, when we upgrade the software all of the subscribers receive the upgrade at the same time when we upgrade the software. You do not have to worry about installing software, or paying for upgrades; it is included with our service.

What are QR codes?

They are special images which when scanned by your phone can pull up a website, phone number or contact information. It is the way the mobile web interacts with the real world. We provide QR code services for your business. Our applications also leverage the technology heavily.

Do you offer consulting services?

Yes, we do. If you need help with Application Lifecycle management, Agile Training, or need software for a specific need. Contact us today at 815-735-7171.

What about PCI compliance?

We are a PCI Level 4 company. E3 complies with industry data protection standards.

Are you an American company?

Yes, our offices are located in suburban Chicago, and our servers are in the United States. E3 Systems' employees and vendors live and work in the United States.

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